Asbestos Lung Disease

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Restrictive Lung Disease and Obstructive Respiratory Problem

Restrictive lung disease is not a simple case of lung problem as it may cover several kinds of respiratory disorders. And sad to say, it is chronic and your mode of breathing is impaired and made difficult. With its progression, you find it too grueling to sustain your body with the needed oxygen. There are […]

Collapsed Lung – Lung Disease Archive

Collapsed lung is the common name of a condition medically called atelectasis. It occurs when for some reason all or part of a lung collapses, maybe due to compression of the lung tissue or obstruction of the air passages (bronchi). Having a collapsed lung can be a serious condition. Although some times a partially collapsed […]

Bronchiectasis – Lung Disease Archive

Bronchiectasis is a condition consisting on the permanent abnormal distortion of one or more of the conducting airways (bronchi), usually derived from an infectious process. It can be diagnosed based on a clinical history of chronic symptoms suggesting airway obstruction, like for instance the presence of persisting daily cough and the production of viscid sputum. […]

How the Health Fund Works

Private health insurance is provided through organizations registered under the Private Health Insurance Act. The financial performance of a registered health fund is overseen by a Private Health Insurance Administration, an independent government body that helps in ensuring solvency as well as capital adequacy requirements are fulfilled. In a health fund, you will find different […]